Hello and Welcome to Emily H Photography!


We know that capturing those the small, unscripted moments are just as important as the planned ones. In order for me to be able to do that I love having the opportunity to get to know you. But this is a two-way street and you have to know a bit about me too. So here it is.

For starters, my name is Emily but I go by Em. I live on a beef cattle farm near the town of Gunning, NSW and am currently studying at university in Armidale. My biggest passions are agriculture, photography, travel and people and I am so blessed to be able to combine all of these in this business.

Living, breathing and working ag makes it very hard not to become passionate about it. When I began photography it simply made sense to me to focus on the smaller moments that made this lifestyle so special to me and I am lucky to be surrounded by so many like-minded people!

In the agricultural industries there are few constants. To assure that we are able to work with this we ensure that we are very flexible!

We can travel to you or organise a new location to shoot at.  We work in with your times – shearing, calving, show or sale date you want us there for? We can be there.  We can combine different shoots – such as doing a family shoot at the same time as photographing for promotional material.

Our aim is to ensure that we capture your memories while you’re creating them.



The Whole Crew

Your family is unique and we want to capture that. We understand it can be tricky to get a nice shot of the entire family and still be in it yourself and that's what we're here for! With a mixture of assisted, posed directions and a pile of candid pictures we'll make sure we catch all the laughs, quirks and love of your whole family.


Just For You

Photography is something not just to enjoy once it's done, it's an experience on its own. It's a chance for you to get dressed up and show what makes you, you. Whether it's a headshot for business, a present for someone or just to spoil yourself, these sessions are a great way to capture the essence of you.



You Two

Photography sessions are not just for parent's who want a keepsake with their children, but are a great opportunity to stop time on an important time in your life. If you're wanting to celebrate a special occasion, surprise someone with that thoughtful present or treat yourself, we've got you covered!


Show & Sale Coverage

While the pre-set, ring or paddock photos make for some great ones so often it is the behind-the-scenes moments that will turn into the best memories. Whether it's getting those last hairs in place when fitting, the victor's handshake in the ring or your team hard at work around a sale ring, we make sure that we are there for all the best parts.

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Farm, Stud & Business Promotion

They say you shouldn't mix business and pleasure, how wrong they were! Agriculture is a lifestyle and not just a job and we aim to showcase all the best in your business. For stud profile pictures of your next set of livestock,  a new line of products you're wanting to show off or something creative to set your marketing campaign off we'll go above and beyond to get the perfect photos for you.


The Experience

I always say I've got one of the best jobs going. I get to travel, to meet all sorts of new people, and to share some incredible moments with them. Photography is made for sharing. We want to do more than take photos for you to leave on a computer. These photos capture a point in your life that should be enjoyed, over and over. Whether it's an album for your coffee table, beautiful artwork for your walls or a present for family, we've got you covered. 

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The Pre-Shoot consultation

This is what we offer to make sure that we're a good fit. Whether we chat over the phone, or go and meet for coffee, this is where we start to create something truly unique for you. We'll talk about the style of shoot you're looking for, what you should wear and the location it will be at. If there are specific photos you want, such as animals or props you want to include, bring all of those ideas along! We'll also discuss what you might like to do with the images after - whether its artworks for your walls or a beautiful album to show off to friends and family. 

 I love having the opportunity getting to know you. The session itself is more about just enjoying the moment, so the better I know you beforehand, the better I can make sure that our session will go perfectly!


The Session

This is the fun part! We'll spend some time getting you all set up and ready to go. Whether it's you, you and your partner or your whole family, I like to make sure the session is a great time. I'll take a bit of time making sure that everyone is comfortable, whether it's a chat, jumping straight into it or playing around with the kids for a few minutes. The type of photography I love revolves around the candid moments. So while I'll definitely help you with posing to ensure you look great, I like to interact and get some natural reactions from you - I let you and the photos take it from there! 

EHP Art--7.jpg

EHP Art-5699.jpg

The investment

The first time you see your images is a great experience. You relive all the small smiles, the laughs and get to keep beautiful memories as art. Ideally, we'll meet up after the photos have all been edited and we'll go through them together. You get to pick out your favourites and then start deciding what you'd like to spend your print credit on! 

Whether you want an album or a photo box for a collection of many of the images, or are looking for something to hang on your wall, there is a great selection. All of the products I offer have been hand picked from some of the best artisans around Australia. Everything is made to last and will be in just as beautiful quality in 10 years time as it is the day you receive it. To check out what some of our stunning products look like, follow the link below.

Wherever You Are.

I come from a small cattle farm in southern New South Wales, near the town of Gunning (between Canberra and Sydney). Living out in the country though means travel is just a part of life, and luckily for me, it's also something I love! Around the country or around the world, if the opportunity presents itself I'll happily pack my bags up and see where it takes me. Wherever you are located, I'll be more than happy to work out the best way to get to you, and ensure you have some beautiful mementos coming away from it!