What To Wear To A Shoot

It's photo time! Choosing what to wear to get your photos taken is going to be a big part of the feel of the session. These are going to be photos that you will love for years to come, so you want to make sure that you get the clothes right. We've put together some of our best tips and hints to give you a great starting point for how to style your session. 


Coordinate, but don't match.

This is a really important point for family and couple photos. Gone are the days of matching clothes from top to bottom, we want you to look natural and your clothes should reflect that. The best way to do this is to keep a basic palette of neutral colours and then choose a pop of colour and style it throughout. A good way to start this is to have one person as the 'feature' in their outfit and for others to pull colours from that.


Keep it Simple.

Keeping to solid colours mean that your photos are timeless. Having big logos, bright colours and bold patterns makes your photos become dated very quickly - so stick to the basics!


Match the Feel

While sessions don't have a specific theme, there is a feel you'll be going for. If it's a rural-type shoot, jeans and shirts, dresses and boots all suit the style. If it's a warm, autumn-theme feel you're going for then oranges, reds and layers are the way to go. When we talk in our pre-consult I'll be able to get an idea of the style you love and can give you some hints going from there.


Most Importantly...

Wear what you love. You want to look like you. You want to be comfortable. And you want to like what you wear. All of these things help to make you feel like a million dollars and that absolutely reflects through in your images! 


There are no cut and dry rules with what to wear. This is just a guide, something to give you somewhere to start. If in doubt, just send me a message before hand! 



Why Hire A Photographer

Whether or not it is worth hiring a professional photographer is one of the questions that I get asked the most. In a day where everyone has a camera on their phone and a family member/friend/neighbour with a quality camera it's no surprise that this question's getting asked.  But so often, what you put in is what you get out. Now, I'm not saying that these people can't do an awesome job; some of my favourite memories have been captured with a phone's camera or by someone who just happened to be around. The thing is, a professional can guarantee that you will come away with a set of images that you can love, use and are able to show off. 

Why should you hire a professional photographer?

1. Equipment.

The handy thing about photographers, is that they have all the right equipment and they know how to use it to get the best results! The camera is just the beginning, it's the combination of the body, the lenses and of course the photographers talent that makes up a great photograph. Further than just taking a great photo, the editing process that goes on after the shoot is another thing that makes hiring a photographer worth it. 

2. They work with you to get exactly what you're looking for.

There's no point getting someone to take photos if you don't end up loving the end result. Choosing a photographer whose style you love is a must, as is making sure you click with them. When you click with someone you will find it that much easier to communicate exactly what you are looking for. For us, this is why we have the pre consultation before taking any photos, to make sure we know exactly what you want! 

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3. They can help you turn the photos into memories on your wall.

When you get photos taken by a photographer, it is a great opportunity to show them off. Many photographers offer high quality products to ensure that you photos can be shown off in some beautiful ways. For us, the opportunity to make memories of you is something we love doing - making these memories into art is another thing we love helping you do.

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4. The Small Things.

The attention to detail that a photographer captures is one of the ways that their value will show. By capturing the small moments and the little things that others miss, that get overlooked or even get taken for granted are the same things that you will be looking back on with a smile. Those moments are frozen in time and frequently prove to be the favourites later on.

5. You are actually in the photos. 

The main reason for you to hire a photographer is so that you can actually be in the photos. These are images that capture a moment in time, a memory that is not only for you, but for your loved ones as well. These are the pictures that you can look back on at any time whether it's in a year with friends, in a decade with your kids, or one day, with your grandchildren. It won't just be photos you've snapped on your phone, it will be artfully created and lovingly displayed photos that capture you in your element. 


Photography today is insanely popular, and I love that it's so accessible to everyone. But with the rise of Facebook albums and Instagram posts there are so many memories only remembered through a screen. Photography should be something tangible, something you look at and it brings back the memories, the laughs and the moment - not something that should be hidden on a computer. A professional can help you through getting these images off the computer and into your life! 

Products We Offer

One of the best things about my job is getting to capture the special moments between family, loved ones and at shows and events. The next best thing is seeing these moments be turned into memories that will last a lifetime, displayed on walls and around houses.

Our Favourite Products

We offer you nothing but the best. And so we've gone through and chosen some of our absolute favourite ways to show off your photos.


These are a timeless way to show off your favourite images all in the one spot. They are fully-bound and a lay-flat style. These are a stunning heirloom piece that you will be able to love for the years to come.

Photo Boxes

Photo Boxes provide a great twist to the presentation to your photos. These boxes contain up to 25 of your favourite images, beautifully mounted. These portfolios of images are handmade from stunning materials to ensure you will be more than happy showing these images around your home. 

Infinity Frames

These gorgeous frames are made of a light bamboo surrounding one of your images printed out on stunning fine art matte paper. The unique things about these frames is that they don't have any glass in them. This allows the images to keep their natural look. Instead of the glass, there is a laminate cover to help protect the photos.


Rather than being bound onto a wooden frame, these images are fully mounted on to foam-core and then given a protective layer to ensure that image quality will not diminish over time. These canvas' also come with the option to frame them with a stunning floating timer frame.


Metal prints are one way to really give your images a special edge. These are eye-catching and beautifully printed in full colour on specially coated aluminium sheets. 


Getting photos printed on acrylic gives them a unique glass-look finish that really makes the colours pop and the image really stand out. It is a spectacular look and is something very unique. The acrylic also provides a lasting cover to your images, protecting them against damage and ageing.


While I love being able to help you invest in your memories as something you can hold, I know that having the digital files gives you the piece of mind. There is the option to purchase all the images in your album or just you favourites - the choice is yours.