The Investment

Photography is made for sharing. 

I want to take the time to organise a session to celebrate you life as it is now. Whether it's your family, your fiancé, your pets or you as you are, these images will be some that you will love looking back on over time. I want to do more than take photos for you to leave on a computer. These photos capture a point in your life that should be enjoyed, over and over. Whether it's an album for your coffee table, beautiful artwork for your walls or a present for family, invest in your memories, and make them timeless.


I'd love to get to know you, and for you to get to know me. Over coffee or on the phone, we cover all of the details and questions you might have. We talk about what you're looking for, who'll be in the shoot, what to wear, and the location!

The more I know about what you're after, the better I can make sure that we absolutely nail your session!


After all our planning, it's time to make magic happen! My style of photography revolves around the natural, candid moments. I'll pose you, ask questions, and play games, to create and capture some truly special reactions.

These sessions are so much fun, and you'll absolutely love looking back over the images we capture.


Going back through your images after the session will always bring a smile to your face. You re-live all the small smiles, the laughs and the moments. What better way to keep this feeling as getting your beautiful memories as art.

You pick out your favourites and then we start designing the prints, albums and digitals for you to keep.

Emily Hurst