What To Wear To A Shoot

It's photo time! Choosing what to wear to get your photos taken is going to be a big part of the feel of the session. These are going to be photos that you will love for years to come, so you want to make sure that you get the clothes right. We've put together some of our best tips and hints to give you a great starting point for how to style your session. 


Coordinate, but don't match.

This is a really important point for family and couple photos. Gone are the days of matching clothes from top to bottom, we want you to look natural and your clothes should reflect that. The best way to do this is to keep a basic palette of neutral colours and then choose a pop of colour and style it throughout. A good way to start this is to have one person as the 'feature' in their outfit and for others to pull colours from that.


Keep it Simple.

Keeping to solid colours mean that your photos are timeless. Having big logos, bright colours and bold patterns makes your photos become dated very quickly - so stick to the basics!


Match the Feel

While sessions don't have a specific theme, there is a feel you'll be going for. If it's a rural-type shoot, jeans and shirts, dresses and boots all suit the style. If it's a warm, autumn-theme feel you're going for then oranges, reds and layers are the way to go. When we talk in our pre-consult I'll be able to get an idea of the style you love and can give you some hints going from there.


Most Importantly...

Wear what you love. You want to look like you. You want to be comfortable. And you want to like what you wear. All of these things help to make you feel like a million dollars and that absolutely reflects through in your images! 


There are no cut and dry rules with what to wear. This is just a guide, something to give you somewhere to start. If in doubt, just send me a message before hand!