For Business

Why hire a photographer?

- To give your brand a face -> show clients who you are
- Today, social media is one was  we communicate with everyone. Your website and your social media should reflect images of what your business represents. 

In ag, farmers can be seen as the 'bad guy' this helps break that image

- equipment
- experience
- insurance

Why hire you?

We haven't had photos done before. Why would we need them.

You talked about 'the experience', how is it different for Shows and Sales?

This is one question I get asked all the time. When deciding what to wear you should choose something that you love and feel great in. It’s best to keep the colours simple, without any bold patterns, and in group photos, have clothes coordinating but not matching. There are no hard and fast rules for what to wear and we want your style to show off your personality!  We’ll chat more about your style in the pre-consult, but for more info on what to wear check out this blog post.

How far Do you travel?

I live in on a farm near the town of Gunning in Southern New South Wales and am currently studying at the University of New England in Armidale and so I am able to service both of these areas. However, with 750 kilometers between the two I cover a lot of ground very frequently and am more than happy to fit you in on my way! I also absolutely love to travel, so am able to come to you wherever you may be!

What is included for us?


This is another topic we’ll cover in our pre-consultation. It may be as simple as an outfit change, something to highlight one of your hobbies or even a prop that you’re dying to use! I am happy to shoot almost anything. Only the person (or people) who are in the shoot should come for the shoot and don’t forget to bring a snack or a special toy if we’re getting photos of your little ones!

How do we receive the files

- why no RAW files

Do you have insurance

How long after the shoot do I get the photos?

Why do you  need a contract