Branded Ag Marketing

Launching July 2018, Branded Ag Marketing will be offering start-to-finish services to help show off and showcase your business. Taking you from photography to graphic design, right through to print, it will make marketing your brand just that much easier! 


Your Business In Action

Your business is so much more than your finished product. It is the people on your team, the day to day jobs that make a difference, the care and work that goes into everything you do. This sort of photography helps capture and show the human side to your business. In a world so connected all the time, showing the parts that make you special really helps people connect with your brand. More than this, these images will be something for you to look at to enjoy, both now and for years to come.

Livestock Shows

Agricultural Shows, whether Royal or local, showcase some of the best on offer. These are the animals that breeders have invested huge amount of time, money and planning in. They deserve to be captured and displayed as such. Professional photography will allow your event to be showcased on an international level, to tens of thousands of people. Your work doesn't end where the showring does, neither does our photography. Early morning, in the sheds, around the chutes and at the backdrop; these are the areas that hold the essence of your show, not just the quality.

Breed Societies

Whether you've got one event that you want to showcase, or a number of shows and sales throughout the year, we will work to create a custom package to suit your needs. We make sure that the images you have to market with are exactly what you ask for, are delivered quickly, and are high resolution to let you use them on any format! 


Sale Photography & Videography

The internet has completely changed how we sell animals. The marketing of your animals before the sale now is a huge impact on the interest you receive on the animal, but also influences how people see your program. We capture the animal's best side, whether it takes a minute or an hour to help promote your program. We offer photography and videography to suit your needs and can happily work out package deals for you.

Product Photography

If you're selling products online, or when customers can't see the item in person it's essential to make sure that the images you use to sell truly reflect the quality of the piece. Styled shoots, plain backgrounds, or models with the pieces in use, we customise the look and style to your business.