For You

Why hire a photographer?

There are so many reasons to hire a photographer whether it's to document a special moment, event, or to capture the essence of you and your family. Photographers have all the equipment, the training and the know-how to make you look your best. More than just getting a great photo, they get a great photo that you are actually in. These photos can last a life time, hiring a photographer ensures that you can look back and smile on some of the special moments that we are fortunate enough to freeze in time.

What To wear

Each shoot is different, and in our pre-shoot consultation we will discuss exactly the sort of things you should wear to best match the style of shoot you are wanting. There are some basic guidelines that help though. We want you to compliment each other, but not to look identical - choose some of your favourite colours and focus on creating a colour palate around that. We want your look to reflect you; so choose clothes that you are comfortable in and enjoy wearing - it will show! Adding some accessories or layers can add some more of your personal look to the images and looks gorgeous in photos!

The photos we create are ones that will last long into the future, so try to choose clothing that you love now, and will love in months, years, and decades times.

Where Will The Session Be?

I like photography to reflect who you are. This means that all sessions are in a location that we agree on – whether on your property or one of the gorgeous spots we can find locally. In our pre-session consult we will talk about the type of look and feel you want to achieve and will make sure that the location will reflect and highlight the beauty of this.

What happens if the weather's bad?

Although stormy skies can make for some beautiful photos, being out in the rain can make for a long, cold shoot. If the weather looks like being unsuitable for the shoot then I’ll call you and we can make a plan about what to do. It can be as easy as moving the shoot inside or rescheduling to another day.

Can pets or animals Be a part of it?



Absolutely! I’m a sucker for animals and know what a huge part in our lives they can play. I have grown up surrounded with animals and am more than happy to accommodate them in these shoots. Whether it’s the family dog, a favourite show cow or even stock out in the paddock I’m confident working around them and know just how to get them looking their best while we get you looking the same!

where are you located?Do you Travel?


I live in on a farm near the town of Gunning in Southern New South Wales and am currently studying at the University of New England in Armidale and so I am able to service both of these areas. However, with 750 kilometers between the two I cover a lot of ground very frequently and am more than happy to fit you in on my way! I also absolutely love to travel, so am able to come to you wherever you may be.